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Do you know Fairfax County’s rules for fences? On residential lots, regulations may differ based on various factors, but a commonly chosen fence height in Fairfax County is either 4 feet or 6 feet. Generally:

Front Yard Regulations:

  • A fence cannot exceed four feet in height, except:
    • On lots of two or more acres in the R-A through R-1 Districts, up to seven feet in height is permitted in any yard.
    • With Board of Zoning Appeals approval of a special permit application, the maximum permitted front yard fence height may be increased up to six feet.
  • On corner lots, there are two or more front yards, in which fences cannot exceed four feet in height, except as provided above.

Side and Rear Yard Regulations:

  • A fence is limited to seven feet in height, except:

A solid wood fence located flush to the ground may be up to eight feet in height in the rear yard that abuts a major thoroughfare, or where a side or rear lot line is within 150 feet of a major thoroughfare and abuts common or

dedicated open space located between the lot and the major thoroughfare.


Lot and Yard Determinations


Do we need a permit for a fence in Fairfax county?

Additional Information:

  • Corner Lots: Properties located on corner lots might have additional restrictions to ensure visibility for traffic at intersections. These fences may need to be lower or set back further from the street.
  • Material Restrictions: Some regulations might specify the types of materials that can be used for fencing, especially in historic districts or neighborhoods with specific aesthetic guidelines.
  • HOA Rules: Homeowners associations can impose their own rules, which might be more restrictive than local zoning laws. These rules can cover height, material, color, and style of fences.
  • Shared Fences: If a fence is shared between two properties, both property owners usually must agree on the height and other aspects of the fence.
  • Special Regulations: There may be special regulations for fences around pools, which typically need to meet specific safety standards, such as being at least four feet high and having a self-closing, self-latching gate.

To determine the specific fence height regulations for your area, you should:

  • Check Local Zoning Codes: Visit your city or county’s official website or planning department to find zoning codes and ordinances.
  • Consult Your HOA: If you live in a community with an HOA, review their guidelines.
  • Seek Professional Advice:Contact Super Fabrications
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