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Aluminum Fence Advantage

Super Fabrication offers the best selection of product styles and grades. All of our aluminum fencing comes with solar protection technology, quality that exceeds industry standard to prevent fading and chalking. Our aluminum fences are powder coated to the full panel after assembly. This bonds the components with fasteners and the powder coating, which makes for a stronger panel.

Components of an Aluminum Fence

Posts are the foundation of an ornamental fence. They secure the fence in the ground and provide stability. Standard ornamental post sizes are two inches by two inches wide.
Aluminum fence posts are punched in specific ways, depending on where they are on the fence, and then panels are screwed to the posts. Just like in vinyl fences, there are 4 types of aluminum fence posts. A post in the line of the fence is called a line post. A post at the end of a fence run is an end post. A post at the corner of a run is called a corner post. A post that is not attached to a panel is called a blank post or a bare post. An example of a blank post is a latch post installed against a customer’s house. Steel fence posts are all blank posts, and panels are attached with brackets.


Panels are preassembled by the manufacturer and then attached to the posts. In aluminum fences, panels are attached with screws to the posts. Panels consist of rails and pickets. Rails are the horizontal supports in the fence panel. Pickets are the vertical element of the fence panel.

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